Monday, November 19, 2012

Free calls to any US/Canada number from Google

If you use Gmail or Google+ Hangouts, you can call any U.S. or Canadian phone number for free...on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You need Internet access, a microphone, and speakers. Depending on your system and setup, you may need to install a plugin found at (Calling to other countries is available, but incurs costs.)
Placing a call from your Gmail account takes just three steps:

1. Click the “Call Phone” icon in the Chat window displayed in your Gmail.

Call a phone from Gmail chat
2. Type the 10-digit U.S. or Canadian number to call in the “Search or Dial” box.

Enter the 10-digit phone number
3. Click “Call”.

It is that Simple...try it ;-)


You can also include a phone-only user in a Google+ Hangout. Start your Hangout as usual, and add your Google+ participants. To add the phone-only user, click the “+telephone” option, and then enter their phone number. When you click “Hangout” they’ll receive a phone call and will join the Hangout with an audio-only connection. Google+ obscures portions of their phone number, which is especially useful if you’re doing a Hangout on Air.
Include a ‘phone-only’ user in a Google+ Hangout
If you’ll be making a lot of phone calls from your computer, I suggest a headset. I recommend behind-the-ears models, which look slightly less nerdy than traditional above-the-head models. I prefer headsets that can plug in either with the two separate audio and microphone connections or with a single USB port. These types of headsets tend to work with a wide range of computer systems. Chromebook users can simply use a smartphone headset.

Google Voice

To receive incoming calls, you’ll need to upgrade to a free Google Voice account. With a Google Voice account, you’ll receive your own phone number. You can configure calls to that number to ring both in Google Chat and on your cellphone.
Upgrading to Google Voice lets you receive incoming calls
Gmail and Google Voice calling can be quite handy in a pinch.Try it today!

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